TREND REPORT: How Are Kids Using Social Media?

Not every parent agrees with kids using social media, but according to research it appears that most kids are.  A recent article on “Social Media Today” digs into the social media sites kids use along with statistics of how they are using them. This information is important to look at because it gives us a preview of how social media will be used in the future. It also gives us insight into weather social media is here to stay or just a passing trend. Of course, there is a negative side to kids using social media and the internet, but the numbers show most kids are using it. My advice it to let kids explore social sites while you as a parent monitors what they are doing online.

I’m the parent of a ten year old daughter and a seven year old son. Both have iPads and are active using apps and websites with them. My ten year old is getting into using more and more social apps such as SnapChat (they are under 13 so they use the “SnapKidz” version of the app) and Instagram to communicate with friends. My seven year old mainly uses iMessage to text and will sometimes interact with my daughter on the social networks she is using. They both also have Tumblr blogs and will at times get into a posting frenzy but usually they don’t go on them very often. Neither my daughter or my son use Facebook and neither on has ever express interest in using it. I know they are well aware of Facebook and how it is used because they will often say to me when I take a picture of something, “put that on your Facebook Mommy.”

I know that I only have two children to “focus group” with but the way my children use social media is inline with everything I read about social media trends with kids. I have seen them firsthand decide that Facebook is for parents and newer social networks are for them. This could change in the future, but for now I believe Facebook is the middle-aged. It seems that more and more teenagers are going to Twitter and I see this continuing in the future. Kids use social media at a higher percentage that other internet users (81% of kids who use the internet use social media compared with 72% of adult users.) With statistics like these it is easy to see that social media is here to stay and will most likely only grow in popularity in the future.

Here is the infographic from “Social Media Today” with statistics on how kids are using social media now.

Kids Social Media Trends

Posted on January 28, 2014 in Social Media

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