Snapchat Is Saving The Soul Of Social Media

Snapchat social media profile

Snapchat saving the soul of social media.

Wait …


Isn’t that the app that was invented for sexting?

Yes. That Snapchat.

But hear me out. Snapchat has quietly turned into a private, safe, troll-free corner of social media without anyone over the age of 18 really noticing. Along with keeping your content private and the haters out of your feed, Snapchat has managed to pull off a near impossible task. It’s fun!

Snapchat Takes Privacy Seriously

Snapchat offers a level of privacy other social media platforms can’t. Let’s be honest, Twitter is basically a public forum. Even if you have a profile in private mode, the people who are communicating with you are doing it in public and most of what you are talking about is going to be seen. Facebook has been long haunted with privacy issues, from selling user’s data to allowing all your “friends” to see what you were doing last week.

With disappearing photos, videos and chats Snapchat had ushered in a whole new era of privacy. Growing up Millennials were told everything they posted online would stay there forever. It is easy to see that the “here today, gone tomorrow” nature of Snapchat’s platform is the reason it is now the third most popular social media network among Millennials.

Seriously, No Trolls

Do your social media accounts get negative comments? Mine do, from all kinds of people. What is a troll? Historically it has been a person who purposefully stirs up trouble in a social media community. Now a troll can even be someone you know who stirs up trouble on your personal Facebook page. Why does “trolling” happen so often now? I think it is because we are in a time of Social Media Outrage, fueled by online comments and mis-understood conversations.

The beauty is, there is no room of outrage and there are no trolls. People who view your “Snaps” can only comment to you privately and even those comment instantly disappear after you view them. There is no way for a troll or an angry mob to gain steam this way.


Snapchat is Seriously Fun

Knowing everything that is going on Snapchat is going to be gone from the Internet in a short period of time and no one can publicly comment on what you are posting creates a safe space. A safe space is a fun and creative space, and Snapchat understands this. With a revolving door of crazy filters and video feeds Snapchat has become the daily go-to place for everyone who wants to have a good time. Not only is this the platform that honestly let’s you live in the moment, it is truly the social media network that lends itself most easily to video content.

I put together a compilation video of some of my Snaps over the past month so you can see how I use the network.

Snapchat Means Serious Business

Brands are noticing how much users are engaged with the platform. The smart brands are making engaging content to connect with users on Snapchat via daily Snapchat Stories and Snapchat Discover.


My Snapchat Stories & Discover

Brands use Snapchat to engage uses through Stories and Discover




As I mentioned earlier, Snapchat is great for video which is content heaven for brands wanting to get at Millennials.

Strategy-savvy brands are getting into this game in a variety of different ways daily on the network. Some use a rotating base of fresh faced “Snappers” to guide you through their brand’s Snapchat Story on a daily basis, relying on of-the-moment content. Others have planned ahead with content strategy and give daily streams on Snapchat Discover.


Snapchat Story by Birchbox Snapchat Story Birchbox



Snapchat Discover by MTVSnapchat Discover MTV



Snapchat launched in September 2011 and as of May 26th, 2015 had over 100 million active users. Of those active users, 65% percent contribute to the daily content of Snapchat. Of all Millennials that use the Internet, 30% report using Snapchat. There are 9,000 photos shared on the network every second and over 8 billion video views a day.

With privacy, safety, no trolls, a fun platform and an active young user base it sure sounds like it’s time to get a Snapchat strategy in place for your business.



Posted on March 16, 2016 in Social Media

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